• Short-term Care

Rehabilitative Therapy
"Let us help you keep moving."

After a hip or knee replacement, heart attack, stroke, or other event, we understand a patient's desire to keep moving forward, to return to an active and healthy life. When people leave the hospital, they often need continued care in order to recover completely. Our Rehabilitative Therapy program helps bridge the gap between hospital and home. 

Our team of therapists is committed to comprehensive treatment in occupational, physical, and speech therapy.
Our dedicated staff offers treatment for a broad spectrum of conditions including but not limited to:
Care team
• Hip and knee replacement
• Regaining strength after a lengthy illness
• Fractures
• Strokes
• Accidents
• Back injury
• Industrial injuries
All treatment is by physician referral and treatment plans are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual patient. The goal of rehabilitation is to assist the patient to achieve his or her highest possible level of physical functioning and well-being.
"Oregon Manor has always been my home away from home. You get
the care you need to get you up and running and able to go back home."
Rest assured

Respite Care

When unexpected life events occur that leave you momentarily unable to provide the level of care needed for your loved one, Oregon Manor offers a temporary home-away-from-home while you get back on your feet.  Respite Care is a short-term stay that gives caregivers a chance to rest and regroup while knowing their loved one will have his or her medical, social, and emotional needs met in a supportive and home-like environment.

"Kindness is not something that can be taught.  Neither can thoughtfulness. Looking back,
I particularly appreciate those qualities in all the people who had a hand in my care.  I look forward to being among you again to visit or volunteer."

To learn more about Oregon Manor's Rehabilitative Therapy
options and Respite Care program, please contact: 

Amy Carlson, Social Worker
or Kevin Snodgrass, Therapy Program Director