• Long-term Care

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Upon arriving at Oregon Manor, each resident is provided an individualized care plan with input from the resident, family members, social workers, and a team of providers.† This team approach allows the staff to focus on every aspect of care, including a residentís medical, nutritional, physiological, social and emotional needs.

Your care team will include:

Dr. Zorba1.† Licensed Physician

Physicians are selected by each resident.†† At Oregon Manor we are fortunate to have Dr. Zorba Paster, family practice physician, as our Medical Director.† Dr. Paster is co-host of the national Public Radio talk show, Zorba Paster on Your Health, produced by Wisconsin Public Radio and broadcast on public radio stations around the United States.

2.† Skilled Nursing Care

Nursing care at Oregon Manor is provided by licensed and registered professional nurses and certified nursing assistants.† Our Director of Nursing and Assistant Director of Nursing oversee management of the care team.† The nurses' station is centrally located within clear view of the two residential hallways.† Nursing staff work seven days a week, 24 hours a day, to provide consistent, around-the-clock care.

Quality care

"...I would like to praise your certified nursing staff, too.† Every one of those young people showed extraordinary skill and sensitivity to my needs and to those of other residents who could not communicate as well as I.† This is not an easy task, and yet, I never saw anyone rushed or ignored or otherwise disrespected while the CNAs and nurses got their necessary work done."

3.† Registered Dietitian

At Oregon Manor, we understand the importance access to healthy, comforting food is to overall health.† Our experienced foodservice professionals take the time to get to know the food preferences for each†resident and provide meals personalized to these preferences and any special dietary need.† Dietary requirements are organized and managed by our Dietary Manager and Registered Dietitian.† Three nutritious meals are prepared daily in our kitchen - never pre-packaged.† To supplement meal time, refreshments and snacks are available throughout the day and evening.†

"Your kitchen staff deserves special thanks.† I could never plan such varied, nutritious, and interesting menus day after day.† The variety was really amazing and made me reconsider the meals I cook at home.† You can tell your cooks that I am finally off Warfarin and can now eat broccoli and cranberry juice.† I know that was an odd dietary restriction, at least to me, and I appreciated how they really tried to meet my requests."

4.† In-house TherapistsOccupational Therapy

The therapy department works with the residents and staff/caregivers of Oregon Manor and Main Street Quarters to provide therapeutic, holistic, and comprehensive services specializing in geriatric care.† The therapy team incudes physical, occupational, and speech therapists.† Our therapists are skilled in providing rehabilitation services to individuals with orthopedic, neurological, and medial diagnoses, ordered by their physician.

The restorative programs are designed to maximize a resident's level of function, independence, and quality of life, and minimize decline, which may include group and individual training.† Our restorative staff works closely with the therapist to maintain the resident's physical function through strength and skills in the areas of ambulation, transfers, balance, and activities of daily living.† These programs are designed to meet the needs of each resident.

5.† Activities Director

Keeping our residents involved in interesting and varied activities and events is one more way our care team promotes healing and recovery.† Our activities director creates and coordinates activities tailored to a residentís individual interests and abilities with the goal of keeping an active and engaged mind.

6.† Social Worker

The role of a social worker in a skilled nursing facility is to assist members of the community as they transition into a new environment, while attending to social and emotional needs.† Once the resident is established, our on-site social worker will help to maintain psychosocial well-being.† In addition, she facilitates admissions and plans discharge, coordinates community resources and funding, advocates for the residents' rights, provides counseling to family and residents, and participates in interdisciplinary team resident care planning.† When you visit Oregon Manor, she will be your tour guide and resource to answer any questions you may have.

For more information on our Long-term Care Team, please contact:
Amy Carlson, Social Worker
354 North Main Street
Oregon,†WI 53575